Landlords: Our typical rent review service

Our service isn't cast in stone

Each negotiation calls for a different approach and tactics. But, a typical rent review involves the following steps:
  1. A review of all relevant documentation including the Lease, Superior Lease (if the Landlord isn't the freeholder), any Licences, Deeds of Variation, side agreements and previous rent review memoranda;
  2. Inspection and measurement of the premises as demised by the Lease;
  3. Reporting any items of disrepair or breach of covenants to the client;
  4. Providing a detailed report on rental value based on the research undertaken, and an assessment of the likely outcome together with an outline of tactics to achieve the best result;
  5. Triggering the review and proposing a rental figure;
  6. Negotiating to obtain a settlement at an appropriate rent;
  7. If it is not possible to settle the review amicably, advising on the procedure for determination by Arbitrator or Independent Expert and the appropriate strategy to adopt.

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