Landlords: Our typical lease renewal service

  1. We review all relevant documentation including the Lease, Superior Lease (where the you're not the freeholder), any Licences, Deeds of Variation, side agreements and previous rent review memoranda.
  2. Inspect and measure the premises demised by the Lease.
  3. Report any items of disrepair or breach of covenants.
  4. Carry out detailed research into comparable evidence of recent transactions such as open-market lettings, other rent reviews, arbitration awards, and so on.
  5. Provide a Report on rental value and proposed lease terms, together with an assessment of the likely outcome and recommendations for the strategy to achieve the optimum result.
  6. If the Landlord And Tenant Act 1954 applies, and depending upon your plans, we instruct your solicitors to serve a Section 25 Notice proposing new lease terms, or opposing a renewal. Or, if the tenant has already served a Section 26 Request, we instruct solicitors on the appropriate response.
  7. If the renewal is unopposed, and the tenant wants to stay, we negotiate with them to agree an appropriate rent and lease terms.
  8. Agree heads of terms and instruct and liaise with your solicitors on the drafting of the renewal Lease.
  9. In the unlikely event that it is not possible to agree terms, we advise on the options and tactics if the matter proceeds to Court.
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