Arbitration: How We Make The Process Work For You

Understandably, most landlords and tenants are uneasy about making an application for the appointment of an Arbitrator or Expert.

You feel that once you get on, you may not be able to get off what could be an expensive ride. But, this doesn't have to be the case.

If you feel that the other party may not have a strong case, or if you are not happy with the progress of negotiations, one of the best ways to force the issue is to make an application.

Obviously, you shouldn't take the decision to make an application lightly, but even when a third party is appointed, you can still settle the review by negotiation, as neither side normally wants to end up going to arbitration or expert determination.

An application can be a potent negotiation tool.

An applications can show that you are not afraid to put your money where your mouth is, and that you are confident of your case.

But, if you decide to follow this path, you really need to instruct a surveyor to take you through the process. And, if you can't settle the review, your surveyor can present a comprehensive case to the Arbitrator or Expert.

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